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From time immemorial people have dreamed of flying and looked longingly into the air as birds circle overhead, gliding and looking down over the landscape. With a tandem paragliding flight you can make this human dream come true and fly with us in a region that is unsurpassed in charm and magic. Because a tandem paragliding flight is very dependent on the weather, we recommend that you contact us shortly before your planned adventure. We can confirm your booking two or three days before your flight. On arrival, you tandem paragliding flight over Lake Achensee in Tyrol will begin after a short briefing and checking or your gear. With sunglasses, all-weather jacket and robust footwear you'll be ideally equipped for your flight over Lake Achensee in the Austrian Tyrol.

Have the biggest adventure of your life and enjoy a bird's-eye view of one of Austria's most breathtaking regions.

Easy Flight - Gliding Flight

129 €

Paragliding flight from take-off site to landing field

Duration incl. ascent approx. 1hr

Happy Flight

149 €

Explore Lake Achensee from above

Duration incl. ascent approy. 1.15h

Roller Coaster Flight

179 €

No matter if spiral, wingover or looping

Duration incl. ascent approx. 1,15h

Thermal Flight

189 €

Fly like an eagle and climb to the summit by thermalling

Duration incl. ascent approx. 1.5hrs

Achensee Mountainworld Flight

279 €

Sightseeing flight over breathtaking Lake Achensee

Duration incl. ascent approx. 2hrs

Winter Flight

179 €

Start on skis for a breathtaking flight over Lake Achensee

Duration incl. ascent approx. 2hrs

Meeting point: valley station Rofan cable car

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Give your loved ones an unforgettable experience! Whether for a birthday or Christmas, a tandem flight is no ordinary present and a gift that is not quickly forgotten.