Tandem Paragliding Flights

Experience the fascinating mountain landscape at Lake Achensee in Tyrol from above

Would you like to experience an unforgettable adventure and enjoy wonderful bird's-eye views? The emotions during the flight are indescribable and cannot be put into words. With our professionally qualified tandem pilots you can concentrate completely on the moment and enjoy the fantastic feeling to the full! Make your dream of a tandem paragliding flight come true - with us high over Tyrol: you don't need any previous experience to add it to your own list of personal adventures!

Various Options for Your Personal Tandem Paragliding Flight

Get high in the sky and book the flight of your life! You'll be amazed by the bird's-eye views of the area around Rofan and Lake Achensee in the Austrian Tyrol, as the fantastic panorama unfolds below. We offer a range of flights allowing you to choose a flight length and route to meet your own requirements.

You can book a tandem paragliding flight for the entire family - including children from 3 years and for anyone between 20 and 120 kg. This fantastic adventure is in the safe hands of our experienced pilots, so that you will glide gently through the air and also have a soft landing at your destination. We offer our tandem paragliding flights after extensive research of the weather conditions; and only take off during good flying weather, so that you can enjoy the picturesque aerial views to the full in absolute safety.

Tandem Flights - Overview

With an Glide Flight, our cheapest deal, you can enjoy an adventure that takes about one hour, including the ascent to the take-off site and flight to the landing field. With an Happy Flight you can enjoy fantastic panoramic views over Lake Achensee in Tyrol for a period of 1.15 hours. Maybe you wish to feel like an eagle and climb to the summit on thermal currents? Then you'll be amazed by an Thermal Flight that will exert a tremendous fascination on you. Our fourth deal is a Achensee Mountainworld Tandem Paragliding Flight, an adventure over Lake Achensee in the Austrian Tyrol that lasts 2 hours, including ascent.