The Team from Tandem Achensee

Tandem flights can be undertaken at anytime of year, although the type of flight is dependent on weather conditions. The prices shown do not include the ascent. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further details!

Marco Hollaus

Assistant flying instructor, tandem pilot and owner

of Tandem Achensee already discovered a fascination for flying in his youth - at his parent's Alpine hut on Rofan.

Andi Zass

The pilot who has been flying the longest. One could almost say a cornerstone in the sport of paragliding.

Alex Höllwarth

Designer and test pilot at Skywalk.

Alex has known from a very early age that paragliding is his home. A very experienced pilot who jumps in when there is a need.

Stephan Gruber

The Xalps athlete and test pilot has been out and about with a paraglider almost daily (weather permitting) since he was 16.